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Imebur´s Group started in 1979 in the province of Burgos, in northern Spain. In its early activity focused exclusively in the manufacture of Jumbo valves and regulators fro Repsol Ypf is Spain, whose cylinder park at that time was more than 40.000.000 units.

In those years Repsol YPF had eight suppliers of these products. Nowadays we are the exclusive supplier of valves and regulators for its subsidiaries in Spain and the rest of the world.

IMEBUR is a company specializes in the manufacture of regulators, adapters and stabilizers for LPG and natural gas, low-pressures regulators for domestic, camping and caravan juice, and high-pressure regulators for industrial uses.


In the gas business, quality is equivalent to safety. That is for this motive that in IMEBUR we do a special support in making quality products tested of unitary form, which allow our clients and final users to have the tranquility and guarantee of a sure product.

Our principal lines of manufacture are the following ones:

  1. Quick on high an low-pressure regulators Jumbo, Compact and Bayonet.
  2. Adapters compatible with systems Jumbo, Compact and Bayonet for special applications.
  3. Regulators in line for the first and second stage of regulation.
  4. Stabilizers of low pressure, used in equipments like boilers to stabilize the pressure of the gas at the entry of the devices of consumption.
  5. Adapters for LPG in liquid phase used for automotion applications .

We collaborate with petrol companies, manufacturers of cylinders and tanks, and manufacturers of boilers and burners, providing products and services that satisfy their needs.

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Calle Merindad de Cuesta Urría, 6, Polígono Industrial Villalonquéjar, 09001, Burgos, EspaƱa
Tel: (0034) 947 29 82 30 Fax: (0034) 947 29 87 34


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