Camping Gas Low Pressure Regulator

Inlet Connection
Thread M 16 x 1,5 right EN 12864, fig. G.3
Thread M 14 x 1,5 right.
Thread 3/8 left.
Outlet Connection
Nozzle ø 10 mm. EN 12864, fig. H.51
Otlet Pressures
28 bar.
0,6 Kg/h
EN 12864

Camping Gas Low Pressure Regulator

The Camping Gas Cylinders Low Pressure Regulator para botellas de camping gas is connected to the cylinder with a threaded connection M 16 x 1,5 right, reducing inside cylinder pressure to the butane pressure 29 mbar.
The regulator comes with a control to open and close the flow, due to avoid accidental openings.
The Outlet Nozzle diameter is 10 mm. acording to spanish certificates, but may vary depending each country. It can rotate 360º, making the connection of this regulator very easy.
This regulator has an excess flow cut dispositive, that stops the flow of gas in case of damage of disconnection of the hose. Its rearmament is manual, for which, once solved the reason that motivates its activation, the user will have to close and return to open the control of the regulator.

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Camping Gas Low Pressure Regulator
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