Natural Gas Regulator

Inlet Connection
M 3/4”
Outlet Connection
TL H 7/8”
Inlet Pressure
From 50 to 500 mbar.
Outlet Pressure
20 mbar.
6 m3(n)/h
Mimimum Tare pressure of the security valve
12,5 mbar.
Maximum Tare pressure of the security valve
110 mbar.
UNE 60402-2

Natural Gas Regulator Decription

This gas natural equipments regulator is connected reducing inlet pressure between 50 and 500 mbar to an outlet pressure of 20 mbar.

The regulator has a minimum pressure security valve that is closed and is built automatically when it reaches the pressure service.

The regulator can be equipped with a maximum pressure security valve that works when the outlet pressure overflows 110 mbar, closing the gas flow.

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Natural Gas Regulator
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