LGP Low Pressure Bayonet System Regulator

Inlet connection
Bayonet quick coupling 12864, fig G.61
Outlet connection
Nozzle ø 8 mm. Inner EN 12864, fig H.50
Nozzle ø 10 mm. Inner EN 12864, fig H.51
Outlet Pressures
28 mbar.; 37 mbar.; 50 mbar.
2,5 Kg/h
EN 12864

LGP Low Pressure Bayonet Regulator Description

The bayonet low pressure regulator connects to the cylinder valve with a click-on system, reducing the pressure in the cylinder to the low service pressure.
The regulator is equipped with a flow limiter which cuts off the gas flow automatically in case of a ruptured gas tubing or the gas tubing is pulled off. After cut-off the gas escape is limited to maximun 60 g/h.

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LGP Low Pressure Bayonet Regulator
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